Gov't Stratcom: PM's statements being deliberately misinterpreted
Gov't Stratcom: PM's statements being deliberately misinterpreted

Following the Prime Minister’s interview on Imedi TV, the disinformation campaign is being carried out on social networks and politically engaged media, said the Department of Strategic Communications of the Georgian Government, adding that the “Prime Minister’s statements are being deliberately misinterpreted”.

According to Stratcom, fake news is also disseminated by circulating fake quotes.

“False information referring to the Prime Minister’s remarks on the rally’s young participants is being distributed extremely actively,” Stratcom notes and cites what exactly the head of the Government had said in an interview.

“The Prime Minister also spoke at length about the specific steps and outcomes achieved by the Government on its path of European integration, as well as the importance of achieving EU membership candidate status.

Nevertheless, groups with political motivations attempt to mislead the public through fake news,” the statement reads.