PM holds Cabinet meeting
PM holds Cabinet meeting

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili held and led the Executive Government Meeting today. The Cabinet of Ministers considered 10 agenda items.

According to  Government Administration, topics that were discussed today included amendments to be made to a Government Decree on Endorsement of a State Healthcare Programs for 2023, on the grounds of which the state will fully finance the costly liver transplant surgeries.

Under the program implemented so far, liver transplant funding was no higher than 70 000 GEL according to the pre-defined tariff, while the share of co-payment by the patient amounted to 50 000 GEL. With an aim of increasing the financial accessibility to healthcare services among the citizens of the country, the co-payment share under the component of liver transplant surgeries has been removed completely and the Ministry of Health will fully finance the service with 120 000 GEL.

In addition, it is worth noting that recipients of human organs were not able to benefit from the rights granted to the persons with disabilities, towards whom the applicable adjustments were made in January of the current year. Thus, liver, heart or kidney transplants serve a valid basis for assigning a status of substantially expressed disabilities.

Members of the Cabinet of Ministers also discussed the following at the Executive Government Meeting held today: Draft Government Decree on amendments to be made to the original Government Decree N145 on Social Assistance issued on 28-07-2006, according to which child benefits will increase from 150 GEL to 200 GEL from 01-07-2023 for every child aged under 16 years.

The referred adjustment will apply to about 233 000 children. The budget of the program is about half a billion GEL.