Patriarchate to echo Tbilisi Pride Week
Patriarchate to echo Tbilisi Pride Week

Georgian Patriarchate commented on the Pride Week activities scheduled for July 1-5 in Tbilisi.

Patriarchate appealed to 30 MEPs, the members of the group working on LGBTQ + issues and the ambassadors to refrain from supporting and encouraging Tbilisi Pride.

They argue the government to adequately assess the current situation and act in the best interests of stability and civil peace of the state and avoid destabilization.

“The Pride organizers are propagating a non-traditional way of life under the guise of human rights protection. This action carries signs of provocation, conflicts with socially recognized moral norms, and aims to legalize grave sin.

We respect human rights and freedoms, which naturally implies freedom of choice. However, pressuring this choice violates the rights and freedoms of the vast majority of our society.

Furthermore, such activities do not even protect the interests of LGBTQ + but contribute to certain dividends for a small group, and the artificial emergence of aggression against LGBTQ +,” Patriarchate said in a statement.

Pride Week will take place in Tbilisi on July 1-5. Tbilisi Pride, Shame, Women’s Movement and GrlzWave organized various cultural and social activities within the framework of Tbilisi Pride Week.