More COVID-19 restrictions to lift in Georgia
More COVID-19 restrictions to lift in Georgia

Several coronavirus-related restrictions will ease in Georgia on Monday.

Restaurants will resume indoor dining in Batumi, except for weekends. The indoor catering will reopen in the rest of Georgia from March 8.

Higher and vocational schools will resume clinical, practical, laboratory activities and conduct examinations in-person from March 1. The educational process in the auditorium restarts from March 15.

Conferences and training, public and private preschools, museums, and libraries reopen from March 1.

Theaters, sports clubs, professional ensembles will resume rehearsals from March 15, while full activities from April 1.

Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Ukraine, who obtain negative PCR test results, will be allowed to enter Georgia from March 1.

Non-food retail (shopping malls, markets) will reopen on March 8, including weekends.

The gyms will recommence from March 15.

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