Hungary ready to partner with Georgia, Hungarian Ambassador says
Hungary ready to partner with Georgia, Hungarian Ambassador says

Hungarian Ambassador to Georgia, Anna Maria Sikó, stated on Monday Hungary is ready to partner with Georgia, “especially in these hard times to try and see where we can help with finding new import-export opportunities.”

After the round-table, conveyed by the EU-Georgia Business Chamber, Anna Maria Sikó told media outlets that “all the goods we have for sale are there for Georgia to use, and we are very happy to receive Georgian products that meet our requirements.”

She continued: “We discussed what we need most is a piece, trade, because trade will bring peace, and understanding that that is where is prosperity comes from but in these hard times, in the meantime, we have to see how we can help each other and as I said a little jokingly but quite seriously, we have great opportunity to drink more Georgian wine in Europe. So we are ready to help with that.”

Asked about Georgia’s stance towards sanctions against Russia, Anna Maria Sikó asserted: “It is not our duty to decide what is right or wrong or what decisions the government has to make. We are standing by our friends and whatever way Georgia as a sovereign nation chooses to take, we will be there to partner and help.”

As to Georgia’s perspective to join the European Union, Hungarian Ambassador stressed the importance of the preparation, pledging Hungary to always back Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“We took 12-14 years to join the EU. It is very important to join the EU, but in my experience and opinion, the way to join it, the preparation is just as important because a lot of priorities and criteria that are to be met are important for the country itself. So, Hungary has always supported Georgia’s aspirations, we still support it and support it in the future. We know it happens sooner or later, but believe me, preparation is just as important, and that can be done every day,” she added.