Girchi believes change in UNM leadership only benefits party "beautification"
Girchi believes change in UNM leadership only benefits party "beautification"

“The only benefit of change in the leadership of the United National Movement (UNM) will be beautifying of the party,” said Iago Khvichia, leader of the parliamentary Girchi party.

Iago Khvichia said changes in the leadership were not his business but remarked on the unification of the opposition for the upcoming elections.

“We have seen two unifications affiliated with the UNM recently. One is truly UNM, with number 5 and prime basses, and the other is Neo-UNM where people, who quit the party, are coming together.

We welcome the UNM’s running in the elections with two parties instead of seven. Maybe this is not an ideal decision but it is closer to the configuration we have been calling on the opposition for the last year so that the elections bulletin is not overloaded. Let it be only those parties, which actually exist and not 300 ones.

In reality, there are three parties: The Georgian Dream, the UNM and Girchi. This would be an ideal bulletin but it can be four, the GD, UNM, New-UNM and Girchi,” he said.

Chair of the opposition United National Movement (UNM) party Levan Khabeishvili resigned on June 8, naming health problems as the reason for stepping down. Tina Bokuchava will replace him in the post.