Georgia's President disagrees with gov't cautious policy towards Russia
Georgia's President disagrees with gov't cautious policy towards Russia

“The difference between the Georgian government and me is that I do not share the cautious rhetoric towards Russia,” said Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili in an interview with France Inter radio.

President Zourabichvili discussed the Ukrainian conflict and Russia’s miscalculations about the US and Europe’s support of Ukraine.

Responding to a query regarding Russians, who had queued at the Georgian state border, escaping partial mobilization, Salome Zourabichvili stated that the bulk of Russians fled to other neighbouring countries, but roughly 100,000 remained in Georgia. Some got jobs, while others had some savings.

The journalist observed it was difficult to understand which side the Georgian government backed eight months after the conflict began, even though the Georgian people clearly supported Ukraine.

“The government is attempting to be more cautious than I am. I am outspoken in my support for Ukraine,” the President stated.

President Zourabichvili went on to say she did not share “the government’s cautious rhetoric in order to avoid more fury from Russia.”

“I do not share this cautiousness. But I share the idea that it is strategically important for the European Union and the international community not to draw a new line between Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. Russia should not expect to be able to recover its credibility in Georgia after its defeat in Ukraine. We are all in the same boat, and the support and solidarity for Ukraine should extend to Georgia as well,” Zourabichvili added.

Georgia’s President further stated that Russia’s blackmailing expectations of Europe’s dependence on Russian energy supplies failed.

“Thanks to Ukraine, everyone has learned that it is impossible to be dependent on a non-democratic state,” she said.