First Channel to air the film prepared on Khorava murder case tomorrow
First Channel to air the film prepared on Khorava murder case tomorrow

The First Channel will air the film prepared about Khorava murder case tomorrow, – the statement  published by Executive Board of the First Channel reads.

“About a month ago started and these days activated the talks about as if the First Channel blocks a film prepared by investigative journalists about the tragedy occurred at Khorava Street. Naturally, such kind of opinions is absurd. Due to the delicacy of the topic we refrain from responding to these groundless accusations” – the statement reads.

As Executive Board declares in its statement, the First Channel has sent the film to Interim Fact Finding Commission, Public Defender, several non-governmental organizations and the GPB Board of Trustees for considiration. “Obviously, no facts can be hidden in such circumstances”, – the statement notes.

“On June 18, Giorgi Gvimradze, Director of News and Current Affairs Bloc met Zaza Saralidze, father of killed teenager and his lawyer Nestan Londaridze. The conversation touched upon the film prepared by “Investigator-Reporter “ titled “Boys in Blood from Khorava Street “.  Zaza Saralidze expressed his doubt that the film might be restricted due to political reasons (as we have already mentioned, this accusation is groundless).

The GPB’s relevant service believes that film does not meet standards of journalistic activity and the Code of Conduct for Broadcasters, in addition, the Management of the First Channel considers that the film should be refined. However, today, the corresponding service of the GPB has received confirmation from the parliamentary commission which states that showing of the film will not affect the investigation process. Other organizations have the same position. To give these circumstances into account, to ensure a father, who has lost a child, that, the Public Broadcaster is not hiding any information and not to give reason to any speculations,  the Management of the First Channel took decision to air the film tomorrow, on June 19, at 12:15”, – the statement reads.