EU to follow developments around ex-president Saakashvili's rights
EU to follow developments around ex-president Saakashvili's rights

“I welcome very much the actions that were taken a few days ago to address the health situation about Mikheil Saakashvili, and I’m also happy to hear that his recuperation seems to be going in the right direction. This is fundamental,” said EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell.

EU Ambassador said he follows the situation regarding the ex-president’s fundamental rights.

“Of course, this doesn’t mean that the story is over. We will continue to follow the situation with regard to his fundamental rights, including his rights to privacy and his rights to dignity, and also concerning his legal process, where I have noted the considerations mentioned about his presence through his trials, which to me is very important because it is in the law of Georgia, but also in line with the European convention of human rights.

I hope that the current momentum that we have seen about developments will be an opportunity for all sides to think about how to make sure to keep this momentum and move things forward in a continuously good way,” Carl Hatzell said.

Jailed ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili is recuperating at the Gori Military Hospital after the 50-day hunger strike.

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