Azerbaijan's PM says Georgia-Azerbaijan relations progress to strategic partnership level
Azerbaijan's PM says Georgia-Azerbaijan relations progress to strategic partnership level

The visit of the Azerbaijani delegation to Georgia, according to Ali Asadov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, would contribute to the continuous strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia.

According to him, the relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan have reached the level of strategic partnership today, and relations between the two countries are expanding in all spheres.

“We place a high value on this visit. I think the visit will contribute to the continued building of Azerbaijan and Georgia’s mutually beneficial partnership. The intergovernmental commission meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss strategies to strengthen our relationships and expand our fields of cooperation. Azerbaijan and Georgia have also cooperated on major megaprojects. We’ll get a chance to talk about it,” Ali Asadov stated.

The history of Azerbaijan-Georgia relations is as centuries-old as our peoples and nations, said Azerbaijan’s Prime Minister, stressing that the Georgian and Azerbaijani peoples are bound by millennia of good neighbourliness, mutual respect, and friendly ties.

“Our nations’ relations have now progressed to the level of strategic partnership. Our contacts are growing in all areas, including politics, economy, energy, transportation, culture, education, military, and others. We support each other to improve in various sectors, and our relationships are growing in all areas. I think that the documents signed today with your involvement would speed up these processes even more,” Azerbaijan’s Prime Minister said.

According to Ali Asadov, Azerbaijan and Georgia have always supported each other on the global level.

“Mr Prime Minister, we have always backed each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and our economic relations are flourishing. Georgia is one of Azerbaijan’s primary trading partners; our trade turnover climbed by 3% this year. Of course, given the background of the present pandemic and the issues confronting the world economy, this development demonstrates that there is much more potential between our nations, and we will be able to further strengthen these partnerships,” stated Azerbaijan’s Prime Minister.