Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is composed of 9 members

By the majority of vote, members of parliament elect two trustees nominated by the Public Defender, three trustees nominated by the Parliamentary majority (or, if such majority does not exist, by parliamentary factions), three trustees nominated by at least one fourth of the members of parliament not belonging to the parliamentary majority, and one trustee nominated by the Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Adjara.

A candidate for trustee shall be a citizen of Georgia having public recognition and confidence. He/she shall have a master’s or equivalent degree and at least 10 years of work experience, including at least five years of work experience in journalistic, human rights, finances, electronic communications, arts, writing and/or academic fields.

The term of office of a trustee is six years. The term of office of a trustee starts on the day following the expiry of the term of office of the previous trustee.

In the case of premature termination of powers of a trustee, the term of powers of a new trustee elected as a replacement for the previous trustee shall be limited to the remaining term of office of the previous trustee. If less than one year is left before the expiry of the term of office of a trustee, the position of  a  trustee,  in  the  case  of  premature  termination,  shall  remain  vacant until his/her term of office expires.

One third of the composition of trustees is replaced every two years by way of rotation. A person may not be elected as a trustee for more than one term.

Functions of the Board of Trustees and rights and obligations of trustees

The Board of Trustees shall:

a) identify programme priorities of the Public Broadcaster;

b) adopt, by at least two third of votes of the members of the Board on the current nominal list, the statute of the Public Broadcaster upon the recommendation of the Director General, which shall ensure the editorial independence of relevant structural units, and be authorised to make amendments to the statute on its own initiative or upon the recommendation of the Director General;

c) adopt the budget of the Public Broadcaster upon the recommendation of the Director General and approve the report on the budget performance, and be authorised to make amendments to the budget on its own initiative or upon the recommendation of the Director General;

d) hear a quarterly performance report of the Public Broadcaster, including a financial report (in accordance with the international financial accounting standards), within one month after the end of a quarter;

e) give its consent to the Director General for conducting a transaction, the value of which exceeds 1% of the budget of the Public Broadcaster;

f) determine conditions and the amount of remuneration of the Director General;

g) approve the staff list and salaries of employees, the wage fund, including the bonus fund and maximum amounts of bonuses of the Public Broadcaster upon the recommendation of the Director General;

h) define basic provisions of employment contracts with employees of the Public Broadcaster, including provisions for early termination of employment contracts, taking into account that the duration of employment contracts shall be at least one year, except for contracts of engineering and technical staff, the duration of which shall be at least five years (with the exception of such contracts that are related to carrying out programmes with the duration of less than one year);

i) apply to the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara with a request to raise the issue of expressing non-confidence to the Council of Advisors of Ajara TV and Radio of the Public Broadcaster.

A trustee shall:

a) perform the duties of a trustee in good faith; b) be authorised to request that a specific issue be included in the agenda of the Board of Trustees; c) be authorised to request and receive any information related to the activities of the Public Broadcaster.