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Restrictive measures remain in force in Adjara
Meeting of Clinic Consultants Group in Adjara
Over 400 recovered from COVID-19 patients to leave clinics and Covid-Hotels in Batumi
Work of restaurants and movement of public transport to be restricted in Adjara from 22:00 of September 25
Control on coronavirus-related regulations to be tightened in Adjara
Ekaterine Tikaradze: I would like to urge citizens who return from Adjara to move to self-isolation, in case of any symptoms, call the hotline
Out of 10 new coronavirus cases, 4 recorded in Adjara
Four new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Adjara
Out of 24 new COVID-19 cases, one was revealed in Adjara
Two new cases of coronavirus reported in Adjara
REDCO kicks off the building of Bamboo Beach Tsikhisdziri complex
Last recovered from COVID-19 patients leave Batumi Medalpha Clinic
New tourist location will be added to highland Adjara
More than 1900 people left quarantine zone in Adjara
390 people to leave quarantine zone in Adjara
Roadblocks will be opened at Batumi entry and exit points, where citizen will have to undergo thermal screening
More than 6,000 residents of Adjara receive food products
Most tourists who visited Adjara in 2019 came from Turkey
Chinese tourists visiting Adjara not confirmed with coronavirus, they have left the region
There are 27 locals aged over 100 living in Adjara