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Tourist season in Adjara to open on June 15
GD leaders hold meeting with party’s Adjara organization members
EU Ambassador meets Adjara Supreme Council Chairman
Georgia to host US Coast Guard cutter Hamilton
Protest at Adjara government building
Gonio residents rally demanding land ownership
Protesters rally in Adjara
New electric buses in Batumi equipped with automatic thermal screening
Teachers Covid-testing starts in Adjara
Three protesters detained in Adjara
Grace period for investors in Adjara to extend for six months
Opposition rallies in front of Adjara government building
No corridors of shame to be arranged at polling stations in Adjara
Restrictive measures remain in force in Adjara
Meeting of Clinic Consultants Group in Adjara
Over 400 recovered from COVID-19 patients to leave clinics and Covid-Hotels in Batumi
Work of restaurants and movement of public transport to be restricted in Adjara from 22:00 of September 25
Control on coronavirus-related regulations to be tightened in Adjara
Ekaterine Tikaradze: I would like to urge citizens who return from Adjara to move to self-isolation, in case of any symptoms, call the hotline
Out of 10 new coronavirus cases, 4 recorded in Adjara