Police are mobilized at cinemas, where film  'And Then We Danced' to be premiered [Video/Photo]

Police are mobilized at cinemas, where the film  “And Then We Danced ” will be premiered starting later today.

As the journalist of Georgian First Channel reports, security measures have been taken in the vicinity of cinemas by the law enforcement agencies.

According to Vazha Siradze, head of the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, police forces are mobilized in all five cinemas in Tbilisi.

“As you know, certain groups of people have made announcements about their intentions to disrupt the film screening. Consequently, police forces are mobilized in all the five cinemas in Tbilisi to ensure public order. We will control the situation as far as possible and protect public order and security. If necessary, police cordons will be made in order to avoid confrontation between the two sides”, – Vazha Siradze said.

The film “And Then We Danced” will be premiered at Tbilisi and Batumi cinemas starting at 20:30 today. The film is directed by Swedish filmmaker Levan Akin and featuring a cast of Georgian actors.

Prior to the premiere, Chairman of the Society for the Protection of Children’s Rights  Guram Palavandishvili, businessman Levan Vasadze and Georgian March announced they they will go to the cinemas not to allow the screening of the film.

Georgian National Film Center expressed concern over the announcement made by extremist groups. Center has released a statement today.

Georgian Orthodox Patriarchate considers the film to be unacceptable but claims that it dissociates itself from violence.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia released a statement regarding the screening of the film on October 6. MIA argues to ensure the protection of public safety and law, as well as, the freedom of expression that does not go beyond the law.

The Public Defender of Georgia called on the Ministry of Internal Affairs to take proactive preventive measures. “It is important that law enforcement agencies ensure the safety of both the LGBT+ community and the guests of the premiere” – the statement released by Public Defender’s Office reads.

‘And Then We Danced’, a 2019 Swedish-Georgian drama film directed by Levan Akin, will be presented at Oscar’s on behalf of Sweden. It will contend in the category of foreign film.

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