Police apprehend 4 people following clash at Vake 2nd District Election Commission (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Clashes at various district election commissions continue today.

Complaints are being considered in the Vake 2nd District Election Commission amid the protest just now. Some commission members left the discussion as they say “the complaints are being reviewed nominally.”

Civil activists and opposition members have gathered at the 2nd District Election Commission. Due to the clash, law enforcement officers arrested four people, including United National Movement (UNM) supporter Zviad Kuprava

As Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) told Georgian First Channel, all four people were detained under Articles 166 and 173 of Georgian Code of Administrative Offenses, which stipulate petty hooliganism and disobedience to law enforcement officers.

Earlier today, the clashes took place at Mtatsminda, Isani and Samgori District Commissions, as well as at Kutaisi 59th District Commission.

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