Davit Zalkaliani: Global processes have an impact on Georgia
Davit Zalkaliani: Global processes have an impact on Georgia

I wish to be a Minister, and ministry under my leadership, that brings peace to the families and not armed confrontation, stability and not the constant threat of escalation, thoughtful steps, and not spontaneous decisions, an irreversible European and Euro-Atlantic future, – the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Zalkaliani made this statement at the Parliament.

Minister appears before the lawmakers in the format of Minister’s Hour. As he noted, Georgia is in a difficult geopolitical environment, and the ongoing global processes have a great impact on Georgia.

“Even in this situation, despite numerous hotspots around the world, through responsible attitude, the Georgian authorities have managed to bring the issue of Georgia back to the international agenda”, – the head of the Foreign Ministry said.

According to Zalkaliani, the main goal and challenge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remain to strengthen the sovereignty and restore the territorial integrity of the country peacefully.

“In order to achieve this goal, our government has chosen a peaceful, constructive, rational policy, which is a key precondition for the sustainable development of our country, a direct path to rebuild trust and relations along the occupation lines”, – Minister said within the Minister’s Hour.

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