Who We Are

“The Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) was established under the Georgian Law on Public Broadcasting. Its purpose is to provide accurate and up-to-date information that is free from political and commercial bias and is shared without any hidden agendas. The programming seeks to address the needs and interests of the larger Georgian society through diversity of programs and viewpoints.”

“The Georgian Public Broadcasting complies with acting Georgian legislation and operates as a governmental legal entity that is publicly owned and financed. The intelligential product is intended for Television-Radio Broadcasting on non-commercial airwaves. This legal entity operates independently from governmental direction and control. It is publicly accountable under collective ownership and operates freely from any state structure or institution.”

Law of Georgia on Broadcasting

Article 15

Creation of the Georgian Public Broadcasting is connected to the Law on Broadcasting, which was adopted by the Georgian Parliament on December 23, 2004, and enacted into force on January 18, 2005. The transformation process of the Television-Radio Corporation into Public Broadcasting was concurrent to adoption of this law. The process coincided with the introduction of a new and innovative management style.

On June 10, 2005, the Georgian Parliament approved the selection of a slate of human resource staffing for the Board of Trustees, which is a representative body of the larger Georgian society and is publicly accountable. The Board of Trustees elected a General Director of the Georgian Public Broadcasting through a fair and open competition on August 19, 2005.

In addition, eight Public Boards were subsequently established to take into consideration public concerns when airing various programs that are designed to be responsive to their interests and needs. The Public Board provides Public Broadcasting with helpful recommendations, continued feedback, and timely and constructive suggestions.

The Public Broadcasting unites three TV channels: “First Channel” (since 1956), “First Caucasian” (from 2010 till 2012) and “Second Channel” (since 1971). It is also comprised of two Radio stations – “Radio One” FM 102.4 (since 1925) and “Radio Two” FM 100.9 (since 1995).

The Public Broadcasting guides its activities on the basis of Program Priorities outlined by the Board of Trustees. The mission is to reinforce democratic values, raise the level of public education, and encourage diversity and social integration as well as to uphold historical heritage and cultural traditions. Clearly defined operational Goals and Values assist the Public Broadcasting in timely and quality sharing of information in various forms, which include news analysis, the airing of documentaries, educational service programming and sporting events. These programs offer a range of alternative choices by the Public Broadcasting for its diverse pool of TV viewers and radio listeners.



Contribute to the development of democratic values;

Reinforce cultural values of a wide range of public representatives and stakeholders;

Provide educational outreach opportuniteis for the general public;

Contribute to social diversity and cultural and regional integration;






Create high quality free television and radio programs and make them accessible to the public, programming is political and commercial devoid of bias and narrow standpoint dependencies;

Promote Georgia as a country with a long and proud history, with a rich culture of various backgrounds and a nation that aspires to be a full member of international community as a civilized country;

Popularize cultural heritage and showcase new talents for creative environment within the workplace;

Create educational programming that is oriented towards the young generation;


Adequately informing of the greater society in terms of on-going political, social and cultural processes in Georgia and internationally;

Contributing to civil society and larger national debates by providing reliable and impartial information, which sufficently impacts the choices made by informed citizens;

Promoting Georgia’s interests and shared values by appreciating the diversity of opinions within an atmosphere of open public dialogue and an environment of tolerance;

Sharing in the contributions being made to public education and reforms that are designed to provide the means to bring about informed choices in sciences, including envirionmental responsibility and participatin in organizations representating civil society;

Raising the standard of governmental accountability, community and civil society representation, and opening the door for greater self-awareness, self-actualizaiton and engagement among the young generation;

Publicly showcasing the diverse array of high quality works of contemporary and classical art and literary acheivements;

Strategies of Reorganisation and Development of the Public Channel