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Rose Gottemoeller: The decision stands, Georgia will become NATO member
President of Georgia – Georgia keeps moving forward to the goal for being a part of the Euro-Atlantic Community
Rose Gottemoeller – Preparation for NATO’s membership requires courage, self-assurance, approach of whole public and joint work of MPs having different viewpoints
Georgian Defense Minister meets with NATO Deputy Secretary General in Batumi
Rose Gottemoeller: We agreed to improve Substantial Package, Allies committed to provide further resources
Giorgi Gakharia: We expect that cooperation, transformed into Georgia's highest compatibility with NATO, finally be translated into real results
NATO strongly supports Georgia's ongoing democratic reforms
Rose Gottemoeller: We call on Russia to withdraw its troops from Georgia’s occupied regions
Visit of North-Atlantic Council started [photo]
North-Atlantic Council to visit Georgia on October 3-4
Levan Izoria: We have unprecedented dynamics in terms of deepening NATO-Georgia cooperation
Levan Izoria will meet Jens Stoltenberg and  Rose Gottemoeller
Rose Gottemoeller – Georgia is an exemplary country
Rose Eilene Gottemoeller – Much work is ahead but Georgia will become NATO member
Rose Gottemoeller – Georgia has progress; Keep on this path which will lead to NATO membership
Rose Gottemoeller to visit Georgia
Rose Gottemoeller – All partners of Afghanistan Mission will be invited to NATO Summit