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NBG: Foreign debt amounts to USD 19.7 billion
One and two-tetri coins to be out of circulation from 2021
NBG, NBU, and IFC host knowledge sharing event
National Bank to sell USD 40 million at foreign exchange auction tomorrow
70 000 000 GEL Treasury Notes sold at the NBG Auction
NBG sells USD 40 million at Stock Exchange auction
EBRD and National Bank of Georgia increase the availability of Georgian Lari to private companies
Seven employees of the National Bank diagnosed with COVID-19
NBG carries out quarantine measures in case of cash money
NBG sells USD 20 million at auction
NBG – Revenues from tourism increased by 1.4% in 2019
NBG produces collection coin in connection with 100th Anniversary of Central Georgian Bank
NBG increases refinancing rate to 7%
NBG issues 5-GEL gold and silver collection coins on rugby thematic (Photo)
Archil Talakvadze – I hope intervention of NBG will do it possible so that the exchange rate is not reflected on inflation
NBG says it will use all the available resources for GEL’s long-term stability
NBG sold USD 32 million today
NBG to sell USD 40 million today
NBG to sell USD 40 million
EU to help NBG in improvement of financial monitoring mechanism