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MP Akubardia: Neither UNM nor GD to be able to continue governing Georgia with single-party rule
GD faction members discussed Transparency of Foreign Influence bill with students
GD resubmits legislative initiative on foreign financing transparency
Georgian Dream to abolish parliament gender quotas 
GD lawmakers, opposition MP Roman Gotsiridze verbally clashed in parliament
GD leaders hold meetings with party activists in Adjara
GD concludes China visit
Strategy Aghmashenebeli doubts GD to secure 60% votes
GD Congress approves party Political Council
GD to hold party Congress
GD to hold party Congress on December 30
NDI Poll: Majority of respondents politically undecided, 19% feel GD represents their views the best, whereas 4% name UNM
GD faction Chair accuses opposition of covering up President's Constitutional violation
GD MP: We need to override presidential veto so that NBG can function
GD Chair states linking Foreign Agents Bill with EU path to be greatest deception
GD nominates candidates for April 29 by-elections
UNM Chair vows to give up seats in parliament, city assemblies if ex-president released
GD echoes TI-Georgia report on Georgia's 2022 CPI
Today, Georgian state is sovereign as never, GD says
GD, NGOs meet over Public Defender election procedures