MP Akubardia: Neither UNM nor GD to be able to continue governing Georgia with single-party rule
MP Akubardia: Neither UNM nor GD to be able to continue governing Georgia with single-party rule

An opposition member of parliament, Teona Akubardia, commented on Mikheil Saakashvili’s Facebook status, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a large voter turnout on election day to prevent Bidzina Ivanishvili [GD Honorary Chair] from rigging the elections and undermining the will of the Georgian people.

Akubardia noted that the elections are crucial for preventing Ivanishvili from taking away the country’s European and democratic future. She acknowledged that despite Ivanishvili’s attempts to spread coup scenarios and manipulate the elections, the Georgian people must rise above these challenges.

“Regarding Maidan, the Georgian Dream openly declares its intention to follow the path of Yanukovych and align with the Kremlin, opposing the will of the Georgian people to join the Western family. However, Georgia is not the Rada of Ukraine, and there is no Maidanization process, contrary to Georgian Dream'” claims.

Saakashvili can express his opinion, and based on what I’ve read, he emphasizes the need for calm actions. Regardless of how the SSG and Georgian Dream spread coup scenarios or manipulate the elections, the Georgian people will prevail,” she stated.

According to Akubardia, “A technical government would be the best scenario before the elections, but today, this currently does not exist.”

Akubardia stated that the upcoming elections should lead to removing the ruling party, the Georgian Dream, from power through a democratic process. She also noted that if the elections do not meet the standards of a fair and free process, other forms of responses may become necessary.

Regarding Mikheil Saakashvili’s statements, Akubardia agreed with his call for a peaceful process.

“I have never been a Saakashvili supporter, but when Mikheil Saakashvili advocates for peaceful solutions, it is important to acknowledge that. Georgian Dream has stepped outside the constitutional framework and bears responsibility for the processes that threaten Georgia’s sovereignty. Portraying Mikheil Saakashvili as an oppressor and labelling critical thinkers as ‘Natsi’ will not benefit the Georgian Dream; in fact, it strengthens the National Movement.

In Georgia, the United National Movement will not return as a single party, nor will Georgian Dream be able to continue governing the country as a single party, I guarantee you that,” Akubardia added.