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PM: Through sustained development, we aim to make progress in all areas, including EU integration
North Macedonia Georgia's partner country, Nikoloz Samkharadze says
Tbilisi Mayor speaks of no argument that gov't decisions harm EU integration
Georgian PM: Transparency to approximate us with attainment of EU integration
PM: Cannot be equal sign between opacity and EU integration
FM: Linking Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence with EU integration wrong approach
PM: Georgia to be more prepared than all other candidate countries for EU membership by 2030
PM Kobakhidze affirms Georgia's commitment to European Path
New PM reiterates Georgia's commitment to EU integration as primary focus of govt's efforts
Speaker: Gov't follows EC-approved action plan for EU integration
Tbilisi Mayor: Georgian Gov't remains committed to country's EU integration amid opposition obstacles
Speaker believes next elections to renew GD's political mandate for Georgia's actual EU integration
EU Integration Committee Chair optimistic about Georgia's candidate status
Bulgaria continues to 'strongly' support Georgia's EU integration path, FM Gabriel says
Bulgarian FM: Georgia progressed on EU integration path
Speaker: EU integration benefits should be available to countries on membership path
Many EU states believe denying Georgia candidate status was mistake, EU Integration Committee Chair says
Tbilisi Mayor: Brussels to voice messages on Georgia's progress on EU integration
Tbilisi Mayor: Preserving identity, dignity to be as crucial as EU integration
PM chairs Commission meeting for Georgia’s EU Integration