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Georgia jabbed 1,145,925 people to date, NCDC says
791,863 people got Covid-19 jab in Georgia
US Ambassador urges citizens to get coronavirus jab to combat pandemic
Latvia to allocate 15,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine to Georgia
NCDC: 47,949 people got Covid-19 jab
Interior Minister gets COVID-19 jab live on TV
MPs, hospitality sector, public transport drivers to receive Covid-19 jab
NCDC: 31,911 people got COVID-19 jab in Georgia
NCDC: 30,209 people got COVID-19 jab in Georgia
NCDC: 23,493 people got COVID-19 jab in Georgia
Georgia to wait for WHO approval to use Sinopharm
WHO Europe hopeful Covid-19 vaccines arrive in Georgia in coming weeks
EU sets coronavirus vaccine export controls
Moderna to apply today for FDA authorization for its coronavirus vaccine
NCDC Heads says coronavirus vaccine will be largely available from spring of 2021
Based on optimistic forecast, Georgia will receive coronavirus vaccine in spring 2021
UK to introduce coronavirus vaccine by December 2020
Anthony Fauci 'cautiously optimistic' coronavirus vaccine will be ready before end of 2020
Anthony Fauci - Coronavirus vaccine may be ready at the end of the year or beginning of 2021
U.S. President - Progress on vaccines faster than expected