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Court substitutes UNM Melia’s pre-trial detention with release on bail
PM: We will never ask anyone for permit for enforcement of law. Nika Melia boasted not to pay bail. He was arrested and accepted bail 
Viola von Cramon: Good to see that all partners kept their promises
EU Delegation to Georgia: UNM Chair’s bail paid
UNM: Melia accepts EU to pay his bail
MP Gia Volski: Melia to accept bail and get out of prison
UNM Chairman calls to retract amnesty, ready to consent EU-offered bail and leave prison on this condition
Girchi Leader to urge UNM Chair accept the bail to be paid by EU
UNM Chair rejects to pay bail
Prosecution admits substituting UNM Chair's arrest with bail
MP Melia refuses to pay bail
Nika Melia’s bail payment terms expire
UNM Chairman not to pay bail
UNM Chairman summoned to General Prosecutor’s Office
Tbilisi City Court leaves Giorgi Rurua in custody
Prosecutor: Court not agreed that there was a risk of a new crime, although this does not mean that evidence not exists
Gigi Ugulava asked to hand over his passport to investigation
Court imposed Bail and some restrictions to Ilia Jishkariani
Nika Gvaramia refuses to pay bail
Nika Melia released on bail [Video/Photo]