Victory Coalition in Kutaisi says "No to Russian Law, Yes to EU"
Victory Coalition in Kutaisi says "No to Russian Law, Yes to EU"

“We should unite not only in Tbilisi but throughout Georgia to reach the goal – Georgia to become a member of the European Union,” said Giorgi Vashadze, one of the leaders of the Victory Coalition, in Kutaisi, the Imereti region.

Giorgi Vashadze said that with the re-submission of the bill on Transparency of Foreign Influence, the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party wants to introduce and practice a “totalitarian regime” in Georgia.

“We all face a serious challenge. Georgians will have to say no to the Russian Law again. As if everything ended last year when Georgians forced the government to retreat the bill, and we gained the EU candidate country status. But, regrettably, the force, which wants a totalitarian regime in Georgia, resubmitted the repressive bill. The law which derails the country from the European Union, the law which friend countries tell us that if the law is approved, our country will not be able to move onward the EU integration path. That is why we say from Kutaisi No to Russian Law, Yes, to EU,” he said.

According to Vashadze, the government confronts youngsters, artisans and all those, including Georgian football players who recently chanted that Georgians go to the EU.

“Yes, we will join the EU. We must say once again that we are all united and strong because we protect our national interests. I am sure that Georgia will be a member of the European Union,” he said.

A protest march against the Transparency of Foreign Influence bill was held in Tbilisi on April 9.