Strategy Aghmashenebeli leader inquires why GD plans counter-rally on April 29
Strategy Aghmashenebeli leader inquires why GD plans counter-rally on April 29

“Ivanishvili (GD Honorable Chairman) and his gang decided to hold a counter-rally against Georgian citizens. Why does the GD want to convene people, what do you protest against?” inquired Giorgi Vashadze, leader of the opposition Strategy Aghmashenebeli party.

According to Giorgi Vashadze, the announced gathering is a demonstration of the GD’s weakness.

“Why do you force people to arrive in Tbilisi for a gathering? This is a demonstration of weakness. What do you demand, not to join the EU? Or do you organize a counter rally against the youngsters who want Georgia’s integration into the European Union? Do you think anyone will believe them arrive on their will? We all know that you will force public servants to arrive in Tbilisi. Moreover, you do this in parallel with the committee hearing of the bill on Transparency of Foreign Influence presumably scheduled for April 29. This means direct provocation. Nobody is afraid of you. You are over, you are cut off the reality and only think about yourselves,” he said.

Giorgi Vashadze appealed to public servants.

“Stay strong, my dears. Ivanishvili’s party has little time left. If someone intimidates or blackmails you, please, contact us. If anyone asks you to write a resignation letter, do not sign it. We will protect your rights. Those of you who openly say how they are blackmailing you, believe me, the Georgian people will appreciate this heroic action,” he said.

The ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party will hold a public gathering in front of the Parliament of Georgia on April 29, responding to the request of its supporters.