UNM says party central office attacked
UNM says party central office attacked

The opposition United National Movement (UNM) party said the party’s central office was attacked last night.

The vandal act lasted for more than half an hour with the participation of approximately a hundred attackers. The office exterior is damaged, windows smashed and the inventory destroyed.

“This is a response of the government in agony to the UNM for its protection of Georgia’s interests and standing next to the Georgian people. The panic activities of Ivanishvili’s regime and organized violence will soon end with the unwavering will of the Georgian people! Georgia will never be Russia. Ivanishvili’s regime will end,” said the UNM in its statement.

According to UNM Chair Levan Khabeishvili, the attack on the central office was planned by the State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) and the police.

“The police arrived one hour later. This was the raid planned by the SSG and police. The police do not react. Many people stayed in the office including me together with my 14-year-old child. About 30-40 people intruded with stones. These people are detected by the surveillance video cameras. They tried to physically assault those inside. They wished violence but failed,” Khabeishvili said.