UK Foreign Secretary meets former Public Defender, NGOs
UK Foreign Secretary meets former Public Defender, NGOs

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly met former Public Defender Nino Lomjaria and representatives of non-governmental organizations at the British Embassy in Georgia.

Following the meeting, Nino Lomjaria said the UK Foreign Secretary was interested in how the UK could assist Georgia in the development of democracy and make a positive contribution to the process.

The former Public Defender further stressed that the majority of the Georgian people wanted Georgia to be an EU member.

“I told James Cleverly that when Georgians speak about the West and European integration, we mean that we want to be a part of a free and democratic community, likewise the United Kingdom. We have a common threat, and this is Russia. In our case, it also represents an occupation force. I spoke about threats from Russia and the rhetoric of the Georgian people and government that differs radically, especially after Russia attacked Ukraine. The government’s rhetoric is very similar to the Russian. It contains clear signs of Russian propaganda while the society and even those among the ruling party voters openly proclaim their European choice,” Nino Lomjaria said.

The former Public Defender also added she had urged the UK Foreign Secretary to support the civic society, non-governmental organizations, human rights watchdogs and all those who fight for democratic changes in the country.

Representatives of ISFED, GRASS – Centre for Multiparty Democracy, Open Society – Georgia Foundation and Multinational Georgia attended the meeting.