Tbilisi gets European Capital of Sport title
Tbilisi gets European Capital of Sport title

ACES Europe awarded Tbilisi the 2025 European Capital of Sport title, the organization’s commission decided while visiting Georgia. After the presentation, where the commission made a positive decision, Deputy Tbilisi Mayor Andria Basilaia explained the reasons that preceded the positive decision-making.

He said Georgia prepared a presentation for the ACES Europe President and his team.

“Despite the set procedures, Tbilisi received the response the same day. You know that many things have changed lately in Tbilisi. It is a changed policy, many projects for sports infrastructure, and different international events which Tbilisi hosted. Also, this is a popularization of a healthy lifestyle at the initiative of the Tbilisi Mayor, and we are glad all these received international recognition. It is a great honour for us.

According to Basilaia, Tbilisi is interested in having more active partnerships with other European cities in terms of the exchange of information and consultative and expert assistance that would make Tbilisi even more popular.

Tbilisi applied for the European Capital of Sport title in 2023. The special commission of AECS Europe arrived in Tbilisi on June 10. Official partner of UNESCO, ACES Europe is a non-profit association based in Brussels that annually assigns the recognitions of World Capital, European Capital, Region, City, Island, Community and Town of Sport.