President Macron congratulates Georgians on Independence Day
President Macron congratulates Georgians on Independence Day

French President Emmanuel Macron extended his congratulations to the Georgian people on Independence Day.

In a letter to his Georgian counterpart Salome Zourabichvili, Macron noted that “By supporting the Ukrainian people, whether by welcoming refugees or by providing humanitarian aid, Georgians have shown their complete adherence to the values ​​that are so dear to us”.

“Georgia’s successive votes at the United Nations in favour of resolutions demanding an immediate end to the war in Ukraine, calling on Russia to cease all attacks against civilians and finally excluding it from the Human Rights Council, sent an important signal. Georgia has once again showed its commitment to democracy and has just submitted the second part of the membership questionnaire. However, it is crucial that your country supports the European policy of sanctions and prevents Russia from circumventing existing sanctions.

I am also aware of your desire to consolidate the rule of law by carrying out the reforms, in particular, those of justice – know that you can count on our unfailing support on this path,” reads the letter.

President reaffirmed France’s unwavering support for the full sovereignty of Georgia. “As always, France will closely monitor the situation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and will recognize none of the pseudo-referendums held there,” he added.

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