President calls for unity and action in response to veto override
President calls for unity and action in response to veto override

In response to the Georgian Parliament’s decision to override her veto, President Salome Zourabichvili has issued a call for a referendum to determine the nation’s future. Addressing the nation, President Zourabichvili stressed that Georgia’s destiny resides in the hands of its people, not in the actions of a select few individuals within the Parliament.

“84 ‘Shulavereli’ or 84 ‘Orjonikidze’ cannot change the future of this country. The future is ours, and I will address what is ours to do.

While they might have pressed the button and inscribed their names on one page of history, we must now do everything to prepare for October 26th. This will be our response to today’s events.

Are you angry today? Did today’s events anger you? Let’s get to work!

The work ahead involves preparing real referendum. Use the energy you feel today to gather signatures. Bring those signatures to me, and I will sign this referendum: Do we want a European future, or do we want Russian slavery? 84 people cannot make this decision. We will decide together. Those 84 people are nothing compared to you, who are here today—the new Georgia, the Georgia of the future!” she declared.

Urging unity and action, President Zourabichvili called upon citizens to mobilize and contribute actively to the forthcoming October elections. Furthermore, the President underscored the significance of international solidarity, pledging to secure support from Georgia’s partners and allies.

“And for the youth here today, once you collect the signatures and bring them to me, your main duty will be to defend the elections wherever needed. Your mobilization, your half-a-million votes, and the half-a-million votes of our diaspora will be key on October 26th. Meanwhile, I will ensure that our friends and partners stand with us, as some do not understand who is the friend and who is the century-long enemy of this country. Some of those ‘Orjonikidzes’ might get sanctioned, but the country will not be sanctioned, because today the country has shown who it is, where it stands, and what it stands for—this is our future.

We must prepare for the elections on October 26th together. I stand with you! I am you, and you are me!” she emphasized.

The Georgian Parliament has overridden the President’s veto on the Transparency of Foreign Influence law.