Police arrest 46 people for drug-related crimes
Police arrest 46 people for drug-related crimes

The police arrested 46 people for drug-related crimes, including 36 drug dealers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced on Tuesday.

Among those arrested are citizens of Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, Iran, Yemen and Jordan.

The committed crimes envision up to 20 years or life imprisonment

“Various types of drugs in large and especially large quantities were seized as evidence, namely: “Heroin”, “Methadone”, “Buprenorphine”, “Alpha PVP”, “Lyrica”, “Ketamine”, “Methamphetamine”, “LSD”, “Marijuana”, The plant containing the narcotic drug “cannabis”, as well as electric scales and, presumably, the money obtained from the illegal sale of drugs,'” reads the statement.

The investigation is being conducted under articles 260, 19-260, 261, 263, 265, 273, 273(1) and 19-273(1) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.