PM announces visa-free travel for Chinese
PM announces visa-free travel for Chinese

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has announced the implementation of a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens, effective immediately. He made this announcement during the Cabinet meeting.

Garibashvili emphasized the importance of tourism for Georgia, noting that the country received a direct income of $3.5 billion from tourism last year and anticipates even more revenue this year. He highlighted the significance of attracting more tourists to Georgia and strengthening trade and economic relations with China.

“I had a highly successful visit to China, a country that stands as the world’s second-largest and most robust economy today. Strengthening our trade and economic ties with China, attracting increased Chinese investments, and welcoming more Chinese tourists to Georgia are among our primary interests, and my visit served these goals.

We have decided to initiate a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens starting today. I will issue the relevant decree later today. This move holds significant importance, as it will be a strong incentive for even more tourists to explore Georgia. Chinese tourists are widely recognized as some of the most desirable visitors globally. Additionally, we already have direct flights in place, and during my visit, I had fruitful discussions with the Chinese Premier regarding tourism and flight arrangements.

I’d like to highlight the effectiveness of the Chinese government and their system. Within just a few days after my meeting with the Prime Minister, a dedicated delegation was sent from China to engage with our Minister of Economy on direct flights. Our aim is to expand direct flights to China. We aspire not only to welcome more tourists from China but also from various other countries. We want more visitors to see our amazing and unique country, culture, our people. I believe these efforts will greatly benefit our nation and its citizens,” Garibashvili said.