Orbelian Palace hosts presentation, award ceremony for Homecoming for Future platform
Orbelian Palace hosts presentation, award ceremony for Homecoming for Future platform

The Orbelian Palace hosted a presentation and award ceremony for the civil platform Homecoming for Future projects.

According to the Presidental Administration, the award was granted to Georgian professionals residing abroad who serve the national interests of Georgia in different parts of the world, including Georgian composer Aleksandre Rakviashvili, scientist Zaal Kokaia, doctors Tornike Sologhashvili and Davit Mrelashvili, founder of the Georgian Sunday school in the USA, Maka Kobalia and the authors of the Speech project, Sofo Jajanashvili and Zurab Katamadze, as well as museum affairs expert Marika Damenia.

Homecoming for Future is a non-commercial legal entity under public law aiming to facilitate the return process for compatriots living abroad from emigration.

President Salome Zourabichvili addressed the attendees, emphasizing the importance of strengthening diaspora organizations and simplifying dual citizenship procedures. She underscored the need to maintain a strong connection with the diaspora.

“One of the objectives of our country and the state is to maintain a certain connection with these individuals, ensuring that they feel a part of the country regardless of their location, whether they choose to return or not,” the President remarked.

Zourabichvili expressed disappointment with recent amendments to the Organic Law on Citizenship, emphasizing the lack of significant changes and urging political parties to address the concerns raised by the diaspora.

“Furthermore, considering the geopolitical circumstances, individuals residing in our occupied territories or abroad, in other countries, have high expectations regarding acquiring Georgian citizenship. If we had a strategic vision for our future relationship with the occupied territories, we would automatically restore citizenship for all individuals born on the territory of Georgia, without imposing additional procedures,” the President added.