NATO Chief: I appulse any attempt by Georgian gov't to reintroduce draft legislation on foreign agents

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday said, “I appulse any attempt by the Georgian government to reintroduce the draft legislation on foreign agents or foreign influence because this will actually contradict the whole effort of strengthening the democratic institutions in Georgia. ”

NATO Chief believes “Georgia should work on reforms to move closer to NATO and to move closer to the EU. Also, the EU has been very clear on this.”

“I visited Georgia, Tbilisi, just a few weeks ago and of course, one of my main messages was the importance of reforms, of strengthening democratic institutions and the Georgian people also made it clear they want a democratic, prosperous future within the European and Euro-Atlantic family.

So, any law that introduces this idea of foreign agents, that I am also afraid that it actually have an impact on a lot of media outlets operating in Georgia [that it] will undermine the whole idea of making Georgia a strong democratic society,” he stated.