NATO Chief affirms support for Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration
NATO Chief affirms support for Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration

At the joint briefing with the Georgian Prime Minister, Irakli Kobakhidze, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized the importance of the partnership between NATO and Georgia, particularly in addressing security challenges in the Black Sea region.

“At our meeting, we also addressed security in the Black Sea, which matters for both Georgia and NATO. Russia’s war put freedom of navigation in the Black Sea at risk and threatened global food supplies. But with our support, Ukraine has pushed back, destroying or damaging a significant part of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Ukrainian success has allowed them to reopen grain shipping which is vital for the economy and global food security.

NATO’s partnership with Georgia is strong and today we discussed how to develop it even further. In January, we agreed to a new individually tailored partnership program to deepen the partnership between Georgia and NATO. And I welcome the progress made in areas like crisis management, cybersecurity, and military engineering.

Just a few days ago, a Turkish navy frigate visited Batumi as part of NATO’s training for the Georgian coastguard and this is one example of how we do practical things together to help you strengthen your naval capabilities, which is important for Georgia, it’s important for the Black Sea, and it’s important for NATO,” he stated.

Stoltenberg noted that NATO stands by Georgia’s side.

“NATO stands by your side as you continue your path towards stronger democracy and full Euro-Atlantic integration, including the 2008 Bucharest decision that Georgia will become a member of the NATO Alliance,” he added.

According to NATO Chief, Georgia needs to continue its internal reforms.

“Candidate status granted by the European Union is a major opportunity to enhance your stability and prosperity. And what you do to move towards EU membership goes hand-in-hand with the efforts to become a full NATO ally.

It is important that Georgia continues to strengthen domestic reforms, democratic values and the rule of law, including through free and fair parliamentary elections in October this year.

So, Prime Minister, thank you again for your hospitality and thank you for your personal commitment to the NATO-Georgia partnership,” he declared.