NATO JFTC Commander visits Georgia
NATO JFTC Commander visits Georgia

The Commander of the NATO Joint Force Training Center (JFTC), Major General Norbert Wagner, is visiting the Georgian Defense Forces.

Upon arrival, the Commander of the Defense Forces of Georgia, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili, hosted the guest. During their meeting, the generals discussed various aspects of cooperation and emphasized the importance of joint exercises. They highlighted that collaboration with the JFTC significantly enhances the capabilities and interoperability of the Georgian Defense Forces with NATO.

Major General Giorgi Matiashvili expressed his gratitude to General Norbert Wagner and awarded him the Worthy Partner medal for his valuable contributions to the development of military cooperation.

In addition, the heads of the Combat Training Center of the German Armed Forces (GACTC), the International Center of the Finnish Defense Forces (FINCENT), and the International Center of the Swedish Armed Forces (SWEDINT) are also in Georgia. These training centres closely cooperate with the JFTC.

The representatives will engage in an extended meeting to exchange experiences. They will have the opportunity to explore the capabilities of the Joint Training and Evaluation Center (JTEC) in Krtsanisi and observe field training exercises at the training bases.