Lelo faction to submit nine-point Georgia Protection Act to Parliament
Lelo faction to submit nine-point Georgia Protection Act to Parliament

Today, there is a crisis in Georgia, and we are losing our country because the citizens can no longer support their families due to high prices, a lack of job opportunities, and consequent emigration, said Lelo leader Mamuka Khazaradze at the briefing on Monday

He said that the Georgian Dream government prioritizes Russia over the interests of Georgia and its people and accommodates citizens of the occupying country in Georgia.

According to Khazaradze, the Lelo parliamentary faction tomorrow will introduce the Georgia Protection Act, a nine-point plan to ensure the protection of the country and its citizens’ interests and limit the Russian invasion of Georgia.

Lelo leader says that the following points are outlined in the document: establishment of visa regulations for Russian citizens;
protection of the employment market [Limiting the right to work for Russian citizens];
limiting the sale of land to Russian citizens;
prohibition of vehicles with Russian license plates;
prohibition of participation in state tenders for Russian companies; establishment of an occupation fee for Russian business;
prohibition of flights to Russia;
prohibition of broadcasting of Russian television channels;
prohibition of Russian funds.

“Georgia Protection Act is a demonstration of how Lelo serves Georgia. The disgraceful and dangerous pro-Russian government should end,” Khazaradze remarked.