Gym, swimming pool safety guidelines
Gym, swimming pool safety guidelines

Beka Peradze, the Head of Labour Inspection at the Ministry of Health said the relevant regulations for swimming pools and gyms will be published today.

Peradze spoke about the recommendations, which, in his words, are being created.

According to the upcoming instructions, one person will be admitted every 6 square meters.

Preference is given to natural ventilation, however, in case of artificial ventilation, it should start ventilation at nominal speed.

The upcoming regulations are as follows:

  • After cleaning, natural draught ventilation should be done;
  • The showers should be separated;
  • Towels should be provided in disposable packages;
  • Group exercise can resume with up to 10 people per group class;
  • The water from pool filters should be tested for E. coli bacteria;
  • Sunbeds should not have absorbent, soft covers;
  • Sunbeds should be disinfected after use.

Swimming pools and gyms will reopen after examination by the Labor Inspection, according to the decision made at today’s meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister.

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