Georgian Prosecutor General meets Eurojust Vice President
Georgian Prosecutor General meets Eurojust Vice President

Irakli Shotadze, Georgian Prosecutor General, met Boštjan Škrlec, Vice President of Eurojust, the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, a unique hub based in The Hague, the Netherlands.

At the meeting, Irakli Shotadze spoke about the reforms and priority trends at his office and expressed appreciation for being interested in the activities of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Vice President of Eurojust thanked the Georgian General Prosecutor for cooperation in the fight against transnational organized crime and coordinated actions with the EU member states.

“At Eurojust, we value very much the participation of Georgia in Eurojust. We understand fully that crime does not stop at the EU borders but is worldwide. So, we have to fight it in that way too. That is why we cherish very much the partnerships and relationships with countries who are not yet members of the European Union, such as Georgia. And we are very proud and happy to host your liaison prosecutor at Eurojust,” Boštjan Škrlec said.

The parties discussed cooperation issues and plans and pledged readiness to intensify the relations.