Georgian First Channel - Preparation for a new season

Georgian First Channel has started preparation for a new season soon after completion of the previous one. The new season is expected to be more diverse.

Rusudan Manjgaladze, the head of TV channels of Georgian Public Broadcaster, notes that previous season turned out to be a milestone for Georgian First Channel and therefore, planning of the next season is a serious challenge.

“The previous season was very important for the Georgian First Channel, I would say – it was a milestone. The new projects offered by the channel contributed significantly to return the viewers to the channel. Hence, it is even more difficult to plan a new television season. We face a really serious challenge.

The whole creative team of the Channel will come back with renewed vigor, with many exciting cognitive and entertaining shows, mega shows and sports events”, – Rusudan Manjgaladze said.

Georgian First Channel completed a successful season on July 28.