Georgia to host Agile Spirit 2021 next week

Western Command of the Georgian Defence Forces is getting ready to host joint multinational exercise Agile Spirit 2021 between July 26 and August 6.

The joint training promotes “Strength through Partnership.” Military equipment of different countries participating in the 10th Agile Spirit exercise is entering Georgia by air and sea. American tactical vehicles HMMWVs, and various support equipment have already arrived in Poti Sea Port, the Georgian Defence Ministry reported on Wednesday.

A combined multinational airborne operation with participation from Georgia, United Kingdom, and Poland occur for the first time this year. Also, for the first time, Special Operation Forces from Georgia, United States, United Kingdom, Romania and Poland will perform combined operations at Sorta Training area, Georgia, the US Army Europe and Africa said in a statement.

Agile Spirit 2021 enhances US, Georgian, allied and regional partner forces’ readiness and interoperability in a realistic training environment.

Approximately 2,500 military personnel from 15 allied and partner forces will participate from the following nations: Georgia (host nation), Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Italy, and Azerbaijan.

First conducted in Georgia in 2011, Agile Spirit was an annual U.S. Marine Forces Europe exercise between the US and the Georgian military forces.