EU stands rock solid. United, firm, determined, together with our allies, Charles Michel says
EU stands rock solid. United, firm, determined, together with our allies, Charles Michel says

European Council President Charles Michel says, “last night a cataclysm shook Europe. Brutal aggression triggered by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin against human beings. A large-scale military attack on the Ukrainian people.”

Charles Michel believes “this unprovoked and unjustified attack is unlike anything on European soil since the end of the Second World War.”

“It is an attack on the free and sovereign state of Ukraine and its territorial integrity, a blatant violation of international law, replacing the rule of law with the rule of brutality. An attack on peace and security in Europe, it is also an attack on the foundations of our European Union, a project of peace and prosperity for all Europeans. The EU and its member states, together with our allies, will hold Russia accountable,” he asserted.

The European Council would convene today to agree in principle a package of massive and targeted sanctions. President Michel noted that the council would also decide on political, financial and humanitarian aid for Ukraine and its people.

“Ukrainian cities have been hit, innocent people killed. Women, men, and children are fleeing for their lives. They need our strong support more than ever. We will also discuss the geopolitical, economic and human implications of this aggression against Ukraine. I do not believe that Russian people want war. You do not want to lose young men to a senseless war with a brother nation, serving as cannon fodder for an unjustified, unlawful and foolish war,” he noted.

European Council President also appealed to Belarus and its people, saying “you have the choice not to follow Russia’s destructive action. You have the choice not to take part in this needless tragedy against your neighbours in Ukraine.”

“We, the European Union, stand rock solid. United, firm and determined, together with NATO, together with our allies, partners and friends, to hold Russia accountable, to support Ukraine and to protect peace in Europe. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all the countries across the world that want to uphold the rules-based international order for the sake of peace,” he stated.

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