EU to be engaged to help Georgia overcome political crises
EU to be engaged to help Georgia overcome political crises

European Council President Charles Michel’s Personal Envoy Christian Danielsson met with Georgian NGOs on Sunday.

EU mediator said NGOs’ position regarding current political developments was interesting. “It is based on compromise. It is forward-looking for Georgia’s future,” he stated after the meeting.

Christian Danielsson noted that he remotely talked to seven key members of the European Parliament to discuss the steps ahead. He also added that he had contacts in Brussels with all those European institutions that are engaged in relations with Georgia.

“The EU is engaged to help Georgia overcome present political crises, but of course, there is a possibility for it. It is not for the European Union, it is for political leaders here. Compromise is not weakness, compromise is strength, compromise is a sign that democracy in Georgia is working. Compromise is the European way,” the EU mediator stressed.

Danielsson returned to Tbilisi earlier today to help the opposition and the government reaching an agreement. Danielsson said he would stay in Georgia for three days.

Danielsson arrived in Tbilisi on March 12. The EU mediator held meetings with the government and the opposition. He decided to prolong his stay in Tbilisi to help the sides. After a five-day mediation that ended without a result, he left the country.

Charles Michel announced on March 22 that Christian Danielsson would travel back to Georgia by the end of the week to help the parties to come to an agreement.

The Georgian opposition parties which won seats in the 10th convocation of the Georgian parliament believe the 2020 parliamentary elections were a fraud. They have been demanding repeat parliamentary elections, and the release of United National Movement Chair, Nika Melia and the co-founder of the TV channel Mtavari Arkhi Giorgi Rurua.