Chiatura Miners keep on protest
Chiatura Miners keep on protest

Chiatura miners, employed by the Georgian Manganese company, keep protesting outside the parliament building in Tbilisi.

The miners, who have been on strike for 16 days, demand working conditions improvement and a 20% rise in wages. Some protesters sewed up their mouths and eyes as an extreme protest.

“Neither the company nor government does anything to resolve the problem simply. This protest will continue depending on what they decide,” said protest participant Tariel Mikatsadze.

“We demand nothing unacceptable. They say the company faces a crisis. We will keep protesting until we reach the result,” said another miner Artem Sopromadze.

On June 19, Georgian Manganese announced its decision to revert to the previous work schedule, implement a 5% wage increase, conduct an audit, and establish a joint commission as measures to address the crisis.