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Ilia II - A family is happy when it is legal, and legal family consists of a man and a woman
Public marching to be held on May 17 at Patriarchate’s initiative
Father Daniel: Georgian woman with her prayer and love cures the diseases of family and nation
Ilia II blessed the Iveria Virgin Mary Icon Temple at Makhata Mount
Ilia II: With the blessing of the Lord we Iveria Virgin Mary Temple, that confirms that Georgia is under protection of Iveria Virgin Mary
Ilia II met diplomats
Meeting held at Georgian Patriarchate over Davit Gareja issue
Patriarchate: Negotiations are underway with Azeri side over Davit Gareji issue and some positive steps are taken
Georgian Orthodox Church marks blessing of graves Day
Word of Life Evangelical Church celebrates Easter
Holy Fire comes down in Jerusalem (Video)
Live transmission of Easter Celebration to begin starting 22:00
Holy Fire Ceremony to take place in Jerusalem
Israeli Embassy addresses Georgian citizens, who intend to attend Holy Fire Ceremony
Symbolic ritual of removal of Jesus Christ’ body from the cross performed at Sameba Cathedral [Photo, Video]
Georgian Embassy to Israel releases statement in connection with Holy Fire ceremony
Today is Holy Friday -Orthodox Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Easter Liturgy will be held at Sameba Cathedral
Ilia II: We ask for a lot more and forget to be grateful
Foot washing ritual has been conducted at Sameba Cathedral [Photo]