Two-thirds of Georgians skimp on food
Two-thirds of Georgians skimp on food

According to the Georgian National Statistic Service, more than 67% of Georgian households skimp on food due to decreased income following the COVID-pandemic.

GeoStat surveyed the impact of the Covid-19 on the well-being of families and children.

Based on the results, besides food (67.2%), households resorted to reducing other expenditures (82.9%), using savings (49.9%), and borrowing money from friends and acquaintances (45.5%).

The average monthly income in 53% of households reduced, in 39.5% reduced by more than 50% from March to December of 2020. At least one family member in 31.8% lost the job.

The agency implemented the project with the financial assistance of UNICEF. The survey, conducted in November-December 2020, includes 2,118 households throughout the country.

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