Regional peace and stability to be foundation for robust economic development, PM says
Regional peace and stability to be foundation for robust economic development, PM says

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili is holding meetings in Azerbaijan.

During the meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, PM Garibashvili stressed that “Georgia is interested in strengthening bilateral ties-political, economic, cultural and so on.”

“Also we are interested in peace and stability in the region. This will be a foundation for a robust economic development,” Garibashvili noted. “It’s a great opportunity to speak about our excellent bilateral relationship. We are friends and brothers, as you mentioned. We will also be holding the 8th economic commission meeting today, and we will discuss our bilateral relationship, which is developing. This is my second visit this year. As you mentioned, Mr President, we have spoken many times already, several telephone conversations. I am sure we will discuss today many issues which are related to our future. I am sure that this would be another fruitful meeting, and I want to thank you again,” PM Garibashvili underscored.

Azerbaijani President said, “political dialogue between two brotherly countries has always been very active and continues to be active now.”

Aliyev noted that the two countries “closely cooperate in issues related to foreign policy, especially in our region with the new challenges, and new opportunities.”

“Of course, strengthening political ties between our countries is important not only for our people but also for the whole region. I looked at some data and saw that we have good progress in economic development. Trade turnover is growing. Today there will be a meeting of the intergovernmental commission, which, I am sure, will cover many important areas, review what has been done, and plan our future steps. We are very encouraged by the very positive investment climate in your country, economic reforms which allow you to resolve many social and economic issues. Also, I would like to congratulate your government on great success in developing Georgia in all areas,” Aliyev stated.

President Aliyev further said that the commission meeting will also discuss “traditional areas of our cooperation, like oil and gas, electric energy, transportation.”

“We now enjoy the benefit of these projects which created a very special format of cooperation between our countries, because these projects are important not only for our countries but for many more countries in the Eurasia region. So, I am sure that today’s visit will also give a new boost to our cooperation, and I want to express gratitude for accepting my invitation and visiting us,” Aliyev said.

PM Garibashvili is now meeting with his Azerbaijani colleague Ali Asadov.

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