Annual festival Tbilisoba 2019 celebrated on October 5-6 (Photo Story)
Annual festival Tbilisoba 2019 celebrated on October 5-6 (Photo Story)

The annual festival Tbilisoba is taking place in Georgia’s capital on October 5-6. The festival events will take place in various locations throughout Tbilisi, including Rike, Leghvtakhevi, Metekhi Bridge, European and Orbeliani Squares.

The program of Tbilisoba this year is updated and includes a variety of activities, including concerts and attractions; Culinary, candy and flower festivals; fancy-dress marches and sports activities, Orbeliani open market, pavilions of twin cities with Tbilisi, musical performances, Tbilisi Big-Band concert.

There will be an open-air museum featuring a projection on a rock in Legvtakhevi: videos of Georgian writers and public figures, famous paintings and more. The exhibition of rare cars will be held on Metekhi Bridge.

Several events will be held within Tbilisoba City Fest. The award ceremony of honorable citizens and a gala concert will take place at 20:00, October 5.

At 8 pm on September 6, a unique show – Muaré experience will take place within the framework of the Tbilisi International Theater Festival, founded by the City Hall.

The festival was established in 1979 and since then it has become the annual celebration for Georgians as well as foreigners.

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