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Embassy: U.S. admires love of freedom and independence of Georgian people
US Embassy: We believe in Georgia’s European future!
US Embassy extends condolences to families of deadly landslide victims 
US Embassy denies engagement in lobbying on behalf of ex-President Saakashvili
US Embassy: Journalists stand vigilant to inform public and hold institutions accountable
US Embassy: Evil is vanquished by good, for the essence of good is enduring
United States not to turn its back on its partners, US Embassy says
Georgia has its share of vivid nightmares at hands of its aggressive neighbor, US Embassy says
US to urge Russia to stop war in Ukraine, fulfill commitments under 2008 ceasefire agreement
We are proud to have earned confidence and friendship of Georgian people, US Ambassador says
US Embassy: Refusal to support the Prosecutor General amendment to be GD’s broken promise
Georgia's involvement in Afghan evacuation to be paramount, PM says
US servicemen honour to serve with Georgian troops, US Embassy says
US to support freedom of expression and assembly of all Georgians
US Embassy in Georgia: Secretary Pompeo noted Georgia’s recent judicial reform efforts, important role of civil society in advancing rule of law, developing modern state institutions
US Embassy in Georgia: Secretary Pompeo met with Georgian PM, FM to discuss US' support for Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations, strengthening democratic institutions in country
Mike Pompeo: Secretary Pompeo will discuss efforts to strengthen Georgia's democratic institutions and emphasize the importance of free and fair elections
US Embassy releases information about opening of USAID-supported Ken Walker University Clinic
US Embassy in Georgia releases video in connection with Independence Day (Video)
United States allocated an additional $600,000 to support Georgia's response to COVID-19