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Georgian Ambassador to Turkey warns citizens about restrictions
Movement of Municipal transport including buses stopped (Photo)
Deputy Head of Diseases Control Center - We expect stabilization of pandemic with the expansion of restrictions, the result should be in two weeks
Vice Prime Minister talked about restrictions to be activate from November 28
Which Restrictions to be imposed from November 28
Head of Diseases Control Center – If tighter restrictions are not introduced, the peak may last longer
Vice Prime Minister – No decision is made about new restrictions
Restrictions imposed on movement from 22:00 will not be valid on November 21-22
Additional location restrictions to be imposed from November 9
Restaurants and entertainment facilities in Tbilisi and Imereti region will work until 22:00 from tomorrow
Health Minister calls on population for staying at home so that no restrictions are imposed
Work of restaurants and movement of public transport to be restricted in Adjara from 22:00 of September 25
PM – With strict rules and discipline, we should prevent spread of the virus
Head of Governmental Administration – imposition of strict restrictions or state of emergency not planned
Protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions
Restrictions on international regular flights to be extended till September 1
Government Administration: Deadline for restrictions is July 15, but this does not rule out that the restriction on public transport will be lifted sooner
PM – Government is forced to keep up certain restrictions
Restriction on social gatherings of more than 10 people still in force
Travel restrictions lifted in Rustavi, Gardabani